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Sharing Bright Lights of Inspiration

The pandemic has shined a spotlight on the importance of behavioral health and educational services. The needs are great and the work is hard, but through it all there are moments of hope and inspiration. Here are a few highlights that keep our batteries charged!

  • An unexpected last minute room and board bill for $200 almost derailed one student’s ability to attend college this fall. Thanks to grant funds, Spurwink was able to cover the bill and make sure that they could attend college.
  • Hearing a child exclaim, “This is better than x-box!” during a remote school session last spring.
  • Seeing participants of our day treatment program give back every Friday at the local South Portland Food Pantry by fluffing the bags to be filled with food for local families in need.
  • The sigh of relief from parents who have been on a waiting list for our therapeutic preschool after they got a spot this fall. Their gratefulness continued as they began to see their child blossom and grow through participation in the program.
  • The joy of finding a new way to play cards with social distancing, so that individuals in our adult program didn’t miss out on their daily connection with others through Uno!

There are so many inspiring stories; these are just a few. We are grateful for those moments in which we are reminded why we must continue to go the distance for those with behavioral health challenges and developmental disabilities. We thank you for your support, which makes these moments possible!

Pictured are participants of our day treatment program at the local South Portland Food Pantry.