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Spurwink Online Referrals

Hello! You have connected to Spurwink’s online referral process—powered by AssureSign.


  • After clicking ‘Start Referral Process’ below, you’ll be taken to a screen to enter a designated email or phone number. This is where the links will be sent, which you can access for later use (to either pickup where you left off or to obtain a copy of the final submitted form).
  • On the second screen, by agreeing to terms and clicking the “Start Signing” button, you can proceed to the form itself.
  • You may back out of the form at any time prior to completion by clicking on the “Decline Signing” button near the bottom.
  • If you are prompted after hitting “Finish” to provide more information, please populate the required field(s) you are directed to, maneuver back through to the end of the form and resubmit.
  • Seeing the message “You have successfully completed the signing process” indicates that your referral has been submitted. You also have the option on that same screen to “Download Document” if you would like to obtain a form copy for your own records.

If all details have been provided, the referral should properly process. However, if you have any difficulties or questions, please contact the Spurwink Link at (207) 871-1200, extension 2725.

Thank you for contacting Spurwink! Please click below to start an online referral.