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Shared Living, “Here to Help Bridge the Gap!”

By October 24, 2023Blog

Are you interested in being a part of the Shared Living experience with Spurwink?

Since 2018, Spurwink’s Shared Living team has been committed to creating meaningful connections with the families and members we serve. With recruitment and matching success stories aplenty, we remain focused on continued success and growth. Spurwink has providers ready and qualified with locations pre-approved and prepared for that initial “meet and greet.” The Shared Living team at Spurwink are poised for growth and are here to assist. With a reputation built on “going the distance,” Spurwink has the experience and clinical expertise to help both providers and individuals experience success.

Families and members alike are anxious about what lies ahead post-graduation and at other stages of life in terms of supported living in the community. If living independently is the goal but people need some further development and seasoning, then the Shared Living team is here to educate and help make that transition as seamless as possible.

Who makes up Spurwink’s Shared Living network? There are current and former Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), moms and dads, siblings, and interested community members who want to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life. These are compassionate people who want to truly help people.

If you work with someone who you feel may need that extra support as they transition to greater independence, reach out to us to see if this might be a good fit for you.

Transition planning takes longer than you may think, so reach out sooner than later! But…it’s easy to get the ball rolling.

The Advantage in working with Spurwink’s Shared Living Program:

  • A generous tax-free stipend of $44,650 per year ($122.33 a day)
  • All training coordinated and funded (DSP training/First Aid-CPR/Med Administration credential)
  • Use of company laptop and printer for Shared Living documentation
  • Help desk support
  • Ongoing oversight and guidance by a Shared Living Coordinator who will help with any questions and coordination
  • Respite care coordination and development so when providers need a break, respite providers can be there for providers to take time off

Shared Living Team:

Meagen Mayo – Associate Director – (207-210-5501 or

Megan Smith – Shared Living Coordinator – (207-810-6646 or

Rick Deeves – Shared Living Coordinator – (207-383-6243 or

Brook James – Clinical Support Specialist – (207-871-1211 ext. 2523 or