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Presidential Top 12

By December 23, 2015January 6th, 2016Blog

The President & CEO of Spurwink for the past 2 years, Eric Meyer, is both a licensed clinical social worker and has an MBA.  But he’s a real person too!  He tells us about his Top 12 Favorite Holiday Activities in Maine.


  1. Just being in Maine.  I wouldn’t even consider Christmas away from here.  I have no desire to leave my home.  My connections and roots are in Maine.
  2. Kicking off the holiday season the day after Thanksgiving at my parents’ house – they are in their 80s.  We bake gingerbread walls and roofs and then the kids create houses.  It is all pretty cool.  Classic holiday cool.
  3. Cutting our own Christmas tree.  We look for one on our little old farm in Whitefield.
  4. My children coming home every Christmas.  Being together with family, including my parents, my sister, my nephews.  We lead such busy lives and I love being able to focus on family when we all gather. Really nice time.
  5. On Christmas Eve, putting the star (that my wife had as a child) on top of our tree, and opening 1 present – only one!
  6. Enjoying my memories of dressing up as Santa for 5 years for the preschoolers at the Morse St. School in Freeport.
  7. Tying over 20 stockings to the stairway bannister.  There’s one for everyone – including all of our animals – horses, alpacas, llamas, chickens, dogs, cats.  We all love the Christmas magic of Santa filling them.  [Yes, the bannister, because I don’t want to put screws in the wooden mantle in the living room!]
  8. The cinnamon rolls my wife makes on Christmas morning.
  9. Wrapping one gift for each person in newspaper.  It’s a tradition now, and began as a combination of being cheap and funny, and my irritation around holiday materialism.  It’s a bit of a statement now and everyone expects it.
  10. Baking together and making meals.  Love it.
  11. Hot spiced cider – my favorite holiday drink.
  12. Using my WORKING snow blower (Thanks to the kids in our Chelsea program Machine Shop!)


Happy Holidays everyone!