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Where Passion Meets Profession

By June 15, 2016June 21st, 2016Employee Stories


“People tell me, ‘I can’t believe what you do – you’re such a special person.’ My response? I work with special people. These kids give me back just as much as I give to them.” – Charlie Pray

Charlie Pray is a man with many passions. He loves watching sports. He loves playing sports. He loves the outdoors. And his love for music runs the entire genre gambit – from Madonna and Taylor Swift to Metallica and ACDC.

But his passion for helping kids with special needs surpasses them all.

Charlie developed a love for helping people with special needs while volunteering as a high school student at the Special Olympics. After graduating, he obtained a degree in Social and Behavioral Science from USM and pursued his passion.

Which became a profession at Spurwink.

As a high school teacher of six kids with a variety of behavioral needs and mental health challenges, Charlie spends his days trying to help kids overcome learning obstacles and succeed in life. In his own words, working at Spurwink was “one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. I am so rewarded every day working with exceptional learners who have needs that I can help meet so they can succeed.”

Being able to do what you love is rare. But when what you do makes a difference, you love what you do. And at Spurwink, Charlie’s story isn’t uncommon: “Spurwink is a place that provides people with tremendous opportunity for growth – personally and professionally. Spurwink makes you a better person.”

Pursue your passion. Gain a profession. Make a difference.