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Meet Judson Smith, ED.D., Psychologist

By September 28, 2018Blog

Spurwink offers an array of services through its Outpatient & Community Services (OCS) programs, including individual counseling and therapy. Judson Smith is a Psychologist here with Spurwink Services and works at the 901 Washington Avenue location in Portland.

He treats clients from Maine to the Middle East and Africa, emphasizing safety and trust, first and foremost. He works on strengthening self esteem and emphasizes empowered thinking and healing, which he believes is inside every individual.

“The Goal is to help the client move forward managing their life more successfully and independently.” says Smith. “Over the past decade, the instability and violence in other parts of the world have produced a steady rise in PTSD symptoms and stress-related health issues in my practice.”

If you’re interested in exploring what services may be right for you or someone you know, contact Spurwink’s LINK line. They will help direct you to services that will best suit your individual needs. They can be reached at (888) 889-3909.