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Humanitarian Community Art Project

By April 6, 2022Blog

Spurwink is a mosaic of individuals, who together comprise our vibrant and brilliant community. To showcase all the pieces of Spurwink’s mosaic, we will be creating a community art piece. We’re seeking community involvement in creating a feather that encapsulates your voice and experience.

Let your creativity fly by decorating a feather for Spurwink’s mosaic hummingbird! This large-scale art piece will be showcased at the Humanitarian event and then as a more permanent display at Spurwink’s main office. Not only will the mosaic be interesting to look at, but it will also serve as a photo backdrop during the event.

Feather Ideas

To create textural interest, we invite you to think outside the nest when designing your feather! Some ideas we have are feathers made from cardstock paper that you can draw on, write kindness messages, paint, or even create a collage on. Download and print your own paper feather here.


Knit Feathers

Feather Card Stock

Design Example

Are you an experienced knitter and want to knit a feather from your yarn stash? You can download a pattern here.

If you would like pre-cut feathers to decorate or if you would like a knit kit, contact Alayna Mladucky with your request. Limited supplies available. Knit kits come with yarn and pattern only, so you will need to provide your own needles.

If you would like to participate, contact Alayna Mladucky at, or fill out this form:

Feather submissions are due May 2nd. Mail or drop off at 901 Washington Avenue, Suite 100, Portland, ME 04103. Office open for drop off and pick up of feathers Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

We can’t wait to see the mosaic we create together!