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Helping Families Enjoy Thanksgiving Meals

By November 22, 2021Blog

Thank you so much to our amazing staff for donating to our Thanksgiving food drive efforts. Because of their generosity, 19 meals are being provided to families that Spurwink serves across the state!

Families helped receive a range of services, including Children’s Behavioral Health Home, Public School Counseling, Functional Family Therapy, and Adult Community Care Management.

The meals will be provided to families such as a family of six, who recently got housing after a period of homelessness; a single mom of two with a son who is autistic and experience significant food and financial insecurity; and a 70 year old woman who is raising her great-grandson and is recovering after being hospitalized due to Covid.

Interested in donating to Spurwink? Visit our donation page to help support Mainers who need it most.