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Endowment plans help meet ongoing community needs

By August 29, 2019Blog

“Sometimes leadership is planting trees under whose shade you’ll never sit.”
– Jennifer Granholm

When current needs are so pressing, it can be hard to the look to the future. But that is exactly what leaders need to do if they want to maximize an organization’s long-term impact.

An endowment is one of the most important ways for a nonprofit organization like Spurwink to ensure that it can meet the ongoing community need for high quality behavioral health services.

Spurwink’s endowment ensures support for today while providing therapeutic excellence far into the future. Endowed gifts are invested and managed by Spurwink. A portion of the investment earnings is spent, while the original gift is never touched but continues to generate income in perpetuity. In this way, endowed gifts have far greater earning power; a one-time gift lasts forever.

Spurwink’s endowment supports staff development and training, program development, innovation, and facilities. With a strong endowment, Spurwink can increase access to care; recruit the best professionals; maintain best practices; insulate itself from the unpredictability of economic and government forces; and add programs to meet emerging community needs. The endowment provides financial stability and supports the long-term health of the organization, helping it provide high quality treatment over its next 60 years.

How can you help? You can make a gift to Spurwink’s endowment – of any size – to increase access to mental health care and help Spurwink meet critical community need. Your investment offers dignity and respect to all Maine people, wherever they are on their journey to health. And planting this seed now makes Maine a healthier place to live and work – today and in the future.

To learn more about Spurwink’s endowment, please contact Kristen Farnham, Vice President of Development, at