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Donor Spotlight: Laura Rutkiewicz

By February 22, 2022April 4th, 2022Blog

After attending a talk on the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences by Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris, Laura Rutkiewicz felt pushed to take action. She plead to public leaders and received a letter back agreeing that the issues need to be addressed, but that the work takes time. With a busy life and kids, no spare time or vast wealth, Laura still had a strong desire to do something. Laura was familiar with Spurwink as her son had attended Spurwink’s therapeutic preschool program when he was 4. She donated when she was able to Spurwink, but recently, after being reminded of Dr. Burke-Harris’s talk, Laura wanted to do more.

“I have reflected more on my role as a human wanting to put good out and somehow make real change. (…) Your organization is firmly in place to not just pull the people out of the stream, but to look up stream and see why they are falling in, to borrow the phrase from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I do not have to invent some magic to help all on my own, you are already there.”

Laura decided the best way for her to stay involved in a meaningful way was to become a monthly donor. Becoming a monthly donor with Spurwink is as easy as visiting Spurwink’s website and entering your credit card, PayPal, or other payment method on our secure donation form, and your donation will be automatically processed monthly (or at whatever schedule works best for you).

For Laura, donating monthly allows her to stay invested in a cause she cares deeply about in a way that fits with her lifestyle. As she shared with us, “please continue working to reduce the horribly damaging effects of ACEs by all means possible and I will send you my small help monthly to fill my soul. Someday, I really hope to join those boots on the ground actually doing the tough, glorious work. But for now, I am working daily with the most important people to me, my children.

Thank you, Laura, for playing a critical role in moving this work forward through your monthly donations. If you are as moved as we are by Laura’s story, you can become a monthly donor today by clicking here: Find out what even $5 per month can do for you and your community.