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Davis Family Foundation and United Way of York County Step Up Support for Mainers with Behavioral Health Needs

By January 19, 2021Blog

The start of a new year sees the recommitment of funding to directly support children, youth, and families with behavioral health directly impacted by COVID-19 and increase Spurwink’s IT capacity to meet those needs through telehealth.

The Davis Family Foundation awarded Spurwink funding to support Project ECCO (Enhancing Care and Community Online). Project ECCO will increase in the effectiveness and decrease the cost of behavioral health care. Funds will support the creation of a patient portal, combined with an enhanced integrated Electronic Health Record. Project ECCO will help vulnerable residents impacted by loss of income, isolation, and instability continue to access behavioral health services.

The United Way of York County is expanding their investment in the Spurwink Therapeutic Preschool and behavioral health services for children, youth, and families affected by COVID-19. The Spurwink Therapeutic Preschool Program serves children in York County with complex developmental delays and acute social and emotional learning challenges. Grants funds will help:

  • Prepare children for the successful transition to public education
  • Increase the capacity of early childhood education teachers at the Spurwink Therapeutic Preschool and in greater Biddeford/York County to provide high quality early childhood education.
  • Improve student regulation and ability to fully engage in learning through utilization of OT and sensory equipment.

UWYC funds will also provide access to behavioral health care and basic needs for the children and families in greater Biddeford/Saco. During the COVID-19 pandemic, clients are experiencing barriers to remaining in care and facing greater struggles to meet urgent basic needs such as secure housing, food, medication, clothing, diapers, working phones, or transportation. Difficulties in meeting basic needs can destabilize families, impeding participation in ongoing treatment. Funds will help meet basic needs and help children and families continue accessing critical counseling and case management services. The UWYC and Spurwink are committed to ensuring that families have the resources they need so they can help their children survive and thrive.