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Top 10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By March 24, 2020April 14th, 2020Blog, COVID 19 Related Blogs

Self-care is crucial right now. It gives us a way to deal with the stress that change and uncertainty can create. Taking care of yourself will help you be centered and calm, and will give the internal resources to deal with any challenges ahead. All of us are caretakers at work or at home, and self-care will allow you to be your best self and help those around you. As we transition to remote working and distance learning, it is important to set up a schedule that includes those activities that bring you joy and allow you to be in the moment.

Top Ten Ways to Take Care of Yourself during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  1. Get outside every day:  fresh air and being in nature really do help!
  2. Get off screens:  take a break from the news; read a book or play a game instead
  3. Get your heart pumping:  there are lots of free workout videos online
  4. Be creative: doodle, write, knit, paint, sew, do a Zentangle
  5. Bring music into your day:  sing, play your instrument, dance to your favorite song
  6. Make a human connection:  talk on the phone or video chat with friends and family
  7. Eat your veggies:  cook a healthy meal with your family
  8. Rest:  make a cup of tea, sit quietly, take a nap
  9. Be calm:  start a gratitude journal, practice yoga, meditate
  10. Laugh:  it really is the best medicine!

Visit the CDC’s website for more self-care tips and information at If you would like to talk to a trained professional, you can contact us at The Link at 1-888-889-3903 or You can also search here for a clinician near you: