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Tips for managing stress

By April 2, 2020April 14th, 2020Blog, COVID 19 Related Blogs

Everyone feels stress from time to time. And considering our current version of the “new normal,” stress levels are certainly elevated. It can take on many forms, from physical aching to negative thoughts or behaviors, to substance use and abuse.

Finding healthy ways to cope with stress is essential for your self-care and for those around you. Some ways to help de-stress include:

  • Taking care of yourself emotionally. Take a break and make time for yourself. This can consist of activities you enjoy, such as reading, crafting, cooking, or playing a game.
  • Taking care of yourself physically. Try to eat a healthy diet, take walks, get enough sleep, and try to nurture your body.
  • Connecting with others. Find ways to connect with each other in your household, or virtually connect with friends and family outside of your household. Have a virtual trivia night!
  • Looking at a stressful event as a learning opportunity. This sounds very optimistic, but having gone through something that causes you stress can help prepare you for the future.
  • Seeking help when needed. If you wish to talk with a professional counselor or clinician, Spurwink offers telehealth services. You can make an appointment by calling 1-888-889-3903 or emailing
  • Setting positive vs. negative coping mechanisms. Try to anticipate problems with a backup plan or change the way you look at things. Try not to withdrawal during social distancing and have a negative attitude, and avoid negative self-talk.

Visit the CDC’s website for more tips on managing stress through this link. If you would like to talk to a trained professional, you can contact us at The Link at 1-888-889-3903 or You can also search here for a clinician near you: