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Parenting Siblings In Foster Care

Lisa and Randy Goodrich, center, with sons Matthew age 30 and Justin age 28(in uniform)

Lisa and Randy Goodrich became foster parents over thirteen years ago. In that time they have fostered twelve children, including two sets of twins.  Lisa and Randy got started in foster care because their own boys (pictured) were growing up, they loved having children around, and they hated the prospect of becoming empty nesters. Foster homes willing to accept sibling groups are a high priority for the Department of Health and Human Services. While no one wants to see siblings placed in separate foster homes, families need to be both willing to accept siblings and have the space in their home to accommodate a sibling group. Luckily the Goodrich family has both space in their home and room in their hearts.

Lisa and Randy accepted their second set of twins just over two years ago. The boys are now 5 years old. Since the boys were not able to be reunified with their birth parents, Lisa and Randy have begun the process of adopting the twins, noting they have become part of the family. The Spurwink team of a case manager, Patty and family support worker, Paul has worked with the Goodrich family since they boys came to live with them. Lisa says, “Patty and Paul have been fantastic with us and the boys. I highly recommend them.”

Spurwink provides extra support and services to families who qualify to work with children identified as having higher needs. Qualifications include experience with children in a volunteer or paid work setting, or having been a foster parent for at least a year. Lisa and Randy came to Spurwink shortly before the twins were placed in their home.

Could your family consider fostering a sibling group? Contact us at or call us at 871-1200.