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Meet Shane Ashe, Program Director of the Adult Program

By March 24, 2021Blog

Meet Shane Ashe, who has been with Spurwink for 16 years, in the Adult Program for 13, and in his current role for 3 years. When he’s not at work, you can find him being whatever his kids ask him to be on a given day…a dragon, superhero, or professional dollhouse constructor.

When I’m not working at Spurwink, I’m: Spending time with my wife and children and traveling. Mostly being what my kids ask me to be on a given day…a dragon, a superhero, a professional doll house constructor.

Spurwink program that I connect with most deeply: It would be the Adult Program, but I also have fond memories of the Auburn program in the early years.  I have met so many fantastic human beings at Spurwink.

Why behavioral health matters to me: The opportunity to help others is truly a rewarding experience.

My favorite way to de-stress: Patriots games, fishing, concerts, working out, movies, campfires, and nightly dance parties with my kids.

Words to live by: Stay positive and love your life.

Most interesting thing I’ve read or watched recently: The national animal of Scotland is a Unicorn.

The music I jam to alone in the car is: 311, Sublime, Incubus, Classic Rock, 90’s hip hop.

Favorite ice cream: Anything from Beals!

Recent Netflix (or other service) obsession: Cobra Kai, Stranger Things – love the nostalgia!  I really enjoyed Ozark too.

Sweet or salty?:  Both! 🙂

Mountains or beach?: Beach, but I prefer to be at the lake over the ocean. We spend as much time as we can nearby lakes throughout the summer.