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It’s All About the People: Meet Volunteer Carrie Cianchette

By May 16, 2018May 22nd, 2018Blog

What do behavioral health, Otto’s pizza and the Indigo Girls have in common?  They all play a part in the life of Carrie Cianchette, one of our incredible volunteers and a member of Spurwink’s Development Committee. 

When I’m not volunteering at Spurwink, I’m:

probably cooking, doing laundry, or shuttling kids around.  I also happen to have the good fortune of getting to help a favorite friend put on fund raising events for our local school.  I work part-time at a fun, new home decor store in Portland called 22 Milk Street.  And sometimes I even get to spend time with my husband, a busy local entrepreneur and awesome dad to our three kids.

The Spurwink program that I connect with most deeply: 

Hard to pick just one.  Maybe Foster Care and the programming for people with autism.  These are commitments that require so much love and patience.  I’m awed by the profound love, professionalism, and courage the staff at Spurwink exhibit.

Why behavioral health matters to me:

Behavioral health and physical health do not seem to get equal billing.  It seems to me we need more support structures and education surrounding behavioral health.  They are both essential to our well-being.  So many people struggle with various behavioral health issues.  I wish there was more government funding to support them.

My favorite way to destress:  

Yoga, running, skiing (xc and downhill), hiking, laughing.  I need to do more of all of them!

Words to live by:

“It is better to ski and think of God than to go to church and think of sport.”  –Fridjof Nansen

Most interesting thing I’ve read recently:  

Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon (truth be told, I’m still reading it…it’s long! but great.)

The music I jam to alone in the car is:

Indigo Girls

Favorite pizza:  

Otto’s, that potato bacon one is so good

Recent Netflix obsession:

Wild, Wild Country.  Whoa.

Sweet or salty?


Mountains or beach?

Love both, but probably mountains by a smidge.