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Meet Dan Hibbs, Spurwink Senior Program Director

By July 29, 2019Blog

Dan Hibbs, LCSW, is a Senior Program Director with Spurwink and has been affiliated with Spurwink since June, 1977. When he’s not busy working in the residential world of Spurwink, he can be found enjoying the company of others, spending time with his family and friends, and cooking.

How long have you been affiliated with Spurwink, and what got you interested in working with us? I have been affiliated with Spurwink since June 1977. I worked as an Alternate Summer Camp Counselor for the summer and returned in June 1978 and have been working at Spurwink ever since.

When I’m not volunteering/working at Spurwink, I’m: Spending time with my wife (my best friend), children, grandchildren, and friends. I like being outside, being along the ocean or in my yard puttering around in Fort Buddy (a place for my grandchildren to play), which is a patch of trees in a field behind our home.

Spurwink program or intent that I connect with most deeply: At this time, my primary role is managing residential referrals and interns. As far as what I connect with, it is the agency as a whole at this point in my career.

My favorite way to de-stress: I exercise and use weights each morning of the work week as one of my de-stress methods. I also like to cook. I love to hike around 901 and check in with people.

Words to live by: Do what you love and love what you do.

The music I jam to alone in the car is: I listen to the radio, which is tuned to contemporary christian, oldies, country/bluegrass, classic rock, talk radio, and sports, in addition to the USM Station (I most enjoy listening to blues and Irish ballads on this station). It depends on my mood and what I am able to pick up on radio.

Favorite ice cream: Vanilla

Favorite pizza: Pofenno’s in Westbrook

Recent Netflix obsession: I do not typically watch Netflix but when I do, I tend to watch cooking and nature documentaries.

Sweet or salty?: Pie. Both sweet and savory.

Mountains or beach? I prefer being on the ocean either walking or exploring along the rocks, and I love swimming in the ocean vs. lakes.