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Meet Dan Bonner, COO and VP of Adult Services

By December 27, 2018Blog

Dan Bonner is the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Adult Services and has been with Spurwink for nearly 38 years. When Dan isn’t leading the Adult Services program, you can find him listening to traditional Irish music or reminiscing about the show Breaking Bad.

When I’m not volunteering/working at Spurwink, I’m: Driving my wife crazy, so I work a lot.

Spurwink program that I connect with most deeply: Sue thinks it’s the Adult program, Corey thinks it Chelsea, Ben thinks it the Adult Behavioral Health program, Sheri thinks it’s the Pre-school program, Misty thinks it is GPP, Kaycee thinks it the Lewiston/Auburn program, Amy thinks it’s all of the OCF programs, Joyce thinks its CAP, Rita thinks its Cornville, but you know what, they are all my children, and what parent can choose amongst his/her children? OK it’s really the Adult program.

Why behavioral health matters to me: What other health even matters if one is dealing with a behavioral health challenge? Glad to see the stigmatization fading away.

My favorite way to de-stress: Working out at the gym for four hours a day, meditation, running 10 miles daily, but of course I don’t do any of those; they are all just my favorites.

Words to live by: Lead by example.

Most interesting thing I’ve read recently: The latest Brexit update.

The music I jam to alone in the car is: I’ve been known to jam on the brakes but I don’t think I jam? However, I do like traditional Irish music, and I listen to Lynette Fay on Radio Ulster at 2pm on Sundays for a 2-hour Celtic music show. (Its recorded so it’s never actually live when I hear it, and I catch it on segments, the news broadcasts and weather can be up to 2 weeks old). Download BBC I-player if you are interested.

Favorite ice cream: Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip, (but that didn’t end well).

Recent Netflix obsession: There will never be another Breaking Bad, everything pales by comparison.

Sweet or salty? Potato.

Mountains or beach? Mountains.