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Lewiston Strong: Providing Support When Needed Most

By November 16, 2023Blog

In times of tragedy, it’s crucial for us to come together as a community, offer support, and take care of our emotional well-being. The recent acts of violence in Lewiston, Maine, have undoubtedly left our hearts heavy, and has highlighted how important Spurwink’s role is in helping people through critical incidents and providing rapid access to services.

Providing Community Support

Critical Incident teams and clinicians from across Spurwink’s programs volunteered to help schools by providing group and individual support in the days following the shooting at seven local area schools. They also made themselves available to Spurwink staff and coworkers who were impacted by offering one-on-one telehealth supports. Debrief and grief support was also offered to not just internal Spurwink teams, but also outside organizations in the Lewiston/Auburn areas who were impacted.

Lending Expert Knowledge

Two of Spurwink’s Senior Leadership Team members were recently on Maine Calling and joined conversations surrounding the events that took place in Lewiston. Amy Cohan, VP of Outpatient and Community Services, was on the ‘Lewiston Shooting’ show that aired 10/26 and Ben Strick, VP of Adult Behavioral Health, was on the ‘Mass Shootings: What Can Be Done?’ show, which aired on 10/27. Both can be listened to through the Maine Calling website.

This incident has shaken the community, our state, and even the nation, but we are resilient and will keep going the distance on a path of healing together. For comforting and reassuring tips for taking care of yourself and discussing this event with your children, visit ‘Healing Together: Nurturing Warm Connections in the Midst of Tragedy.’ We will continue to provide support and be a resource to those who need it.