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Grants in Action, Marr-Anderson: Helping Children, Youth, and Families Weather the Pandemic

By March 7, 2022Blog

For many of us, the warming temperatures and brighter days of spring breathe new life into our dreams for the future. At Spurwink, we also know that for many, dreaming of the future can be a challenge when immediate circumstances seem insurmountable. Spurwink is proudly supported by the Marr-Anderson Family Foundation, who understands that encouraging individuals to fulfill their dreams means offering compassionate support during difficult times when one’s dreams may be put on hold. Through their support of Spurwink’s Outpatient and Community Services Access to Care and Basic Needs Fund, the Marr-Anderson Family Foundation provides behavioral health and education services for children, adults, and families in Maine.

Spurwink’s goal for the Access to Care and Basic Needs Fund is to remove the barriers to beginning or continuing treatment. Basic needs such as secure housing, food, medication, clothing, or transportation can impede or prevent access to mental or behavioral health care. These needs are urgent, and targeted funds allow us to solve problems and keep treatment plans on track. The Access to Care and Basic Needs Fund can also support treatment plans by helping students to access things they need to feel connected to their school and community, including school supplies, instruments for music lessons, or tickets to school events.

Through supporting the Access to Care and Basic Needs Fund, the Marr-Anderson Family Foundation is promoting education and health in our communities in a number of ways, including:

  • Increasing Spurwink’s capacity to meet the mental health needs of children, adults, and families who would otherwise go unserved due to lack of adequate insurance.
  • Preventing service delays for families that are waiting for MaineCare approval.
  • Reducing mental health symptoms and meeting treatment goals for kids, individuals, and families receiving outpatient therapy, including maintaining stable community living for children whose families receive care management.

That means that children with special dietary needs can get the foods they need at food pantries, which can mean the difference between calm and crisis. It means families can access easy-read thermometers to ensure they can comply with COVID-safety protocols and gas vouchers to get their kids to school safely. It also means that working parents without childcare for their child with special needs can receive housing vouchers so they can pay for daycare until schools can provide the services they need.

Thank you to the Marr-Anderson Family Foundation for making it possible for children, adults, and families at Spurwink to see the brighter days ahead.

If you’re interested in helping support families with mental health needs during the pandemic, please contact Spurwink’s Development office or 207 871-1200.