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A Foster Care Valentine: 14 Ways You Can Support Children in Foster Care

By February 8, 2018Blog, Foster Care
  1. Explore becoming a foster parent
  2. Consider becoming a respite provider
  3. Ask us for rack cards to display or distribute
  4. Have us write a short article for your employee newsletter
  5. Share information on foster care with your faith community
  6. Gather supplies a parent of school age children can use
  7. Know a foster family? Offer to run an errand for them
  8. Invite a foster family to an informal get together
  9. Offer an intership for a youth in foster care
  10. Hold a bake sale and donate the proceeds
  11. Donate gift certificates for take-out meals
  12. Invite us to speak at your school
  13. Read a book about foster care