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Donor Spotlight: The Boyd Family

By December 19, 2019Blog

Donating in honor of staff working with a loved one.

We love highlighting donors, and donors with a special connection to Spurwink make the sentiment that much more meaningful. The Boyd family graciously gave a donation on Giving Tuesday (December 3, 2019), to honor the work of Spurwink staff who have made a significant impact to their family and their child, who is a Spurwink client.  They were inspired to donate online by a Facebook post in which Spurwink shared their new video, and the family expressed gratitude for several Cornville staff members for all they have done for their child.  

Living in Aroostook County, the family struggled to access the critical services their child needed.  Before receiving services through Spurwink, the whole family was affected by trying to support their son and brother.  Their daughter could not have a friend over to their home, as it would create a high anxiety situation for her brother. Looking back on it now, his mother reflected that “He was simply living but not learning and connecting with his community.” 

Upon a visit to see their son this past fall, they were able to accompany him to a local community park, which was something they had never been able to do before. The change for the family since receiving services at Cornville’s residential and school program has been night and day.  While it is not easy having their son five hours away (on a one-way trip), they know he is now in an environment where he is getting the support and services he needs. He has built relationships with staff members who have unlocked potential for their son in a way they were unable to do when he was living at home. The family is so grateful to see their son making progress through the support of dedicated and caring staff members. His mother’s hope is that sharing her story might help another family like hers. Spurwink has not only changed her son’s life; it has changed their entire family’s life.   

The purpose of our donor spotlight articles is to shine light on why our donors support and fuel the work of Spurwink. If you have a story to share, please reach out to us through social media, email, or whatever means of communication you are comfortable with. If you are inspired by the story above, please consider donating.