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April is Occupational Therapy Month

By April 25, 2019Blog

Spurwink would like to recognize and celebrate all of the talented Occupational Therapy service providers working across the four day treatment programs. Occupational Therapy is a profession dedicated to helping all individuals live life to the fullest. Spurwink’s Occupational Therapy team works with the children and families served by Spurwink to support engagement, acceptance and achievement. 

Meet the Occupational Therapy Service Providers!

Dave Jordan is an anchor of the Occupational Therapy team here at Spurwink, serving as a therapist for 22 years. Dave works in the Lewiston Day Treatment school where he enjoys engaging in movement and sensory activities with his students. Dave balances work with his favorite hobby of coaching baseball and spending time with his family. 

Jill Watrous can be found running and playing at the Chelsea Day Treatment program. She has been a member of the Spurwink Occupational Therapy team for 15 years. When she’s busy being a therapist Jill loves to engage her students in creative play. Outside of work Jill spends her time watching HGTV and reading with her son. 

Shane Smith has been an Occupational Therapist with Spurwink for 4 and a half years, serving the Glickman program in a variety of roles for over 24 years. Shane would use the phrase “you matter” to highlight what OT means to him, and describe his favorite part of Occupational Therapy as creating and developing relationships with clients. Outside of work you can find Shane playing disc golf, watching science fiction and martial arts movies and immersed in nature. 

Kira Personette is an Occupational Therapist in the Chelsea Day Treatment school, having been a part of the Spurwink Occupational Therapy team for 3 years. Kira enjoys engaging in sports and movement games with her students and co-coaching the Spurwink Chelsea Special Olympics team.  Outside of work Kira enjoys exploring Maine, wildlife photography, and visiting family around New England. 

Abigail Hine has been a member of the Occupational Therapy team at Spurwink for 1 year, serving the Glickman program. In the school you can find Abby playing Four Square and leading mindfulness activities to support her students. When she’s not working, Abby enjoys Crossfit and spending time with her family and rescue pup Reese. 

Maureen Martin is the most recent addition to the Spurwink Occupational Therapy team, bringing with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in mental health treatment. Maureen enjoys finding new and motivating activities for her students to engage in, including making beaded animals.  When she’s not hard at work, Maureen enjoys sitting by a bonfire listening to country music, taking walks, and spending time with her family.