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An Artistic Take on Teamwork

By May 16, 2022Blog

Spurwink’s Outpatient and Community Services team based out of Randolph works diligently to meet individuals where they are at and provide trauma-informed and evidence-based care to those who need it most. This work is hard. Sometimes, we all need a little time to regroup, connect with co-works, and release some stress.

Having opportunities to connect and recharge is essential for everyone’s wellbeing. Kate Salonen, a Spurwink BHH Care Coordinator who is about to graduate with her Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy, arranged a team building paint night for the Randolph OCS team. Together they painted this beautiful mosaic mural, which they plan to hang in their hallway. The piece is a testament to their teamwork and a reminder of the importance of each individual in their office.

We love this mural because it’s a reminder that none of us can do this alone. We’re all unique, special pieces of the mosaic that together create something bigger, and better. We are grateful for how important each and every individual is to our organization.