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What is Shared Living?

What is Shared Living?

In the past, Shared Living has gone by the names ‘Adult Foster Care’ and ‘Host Homes.’  At the most basic level, a community member shares his or her home or apartment and provides support for an individual with an intellectual disability or autism.  In return for their services, shared living providers receive a generous tax-free stipend (typically around $31,000 per year) and additional payment for room and board. But this definition doesn’t capture how the model changes the lives of both the consumer and the provider.

Shared Living offers consumers an opportunity to:

  • Develop strong, supportive, often roommate or family-like relationships with their shared living provider;
  • Become connected to and embraced by a community;
  • Foster unique interests and build new skills; and
  • Experience greater levels of independence.

Shared living providers enrich their own lives by:

  • Providing a meaningful and connected life to someone in need;
  • Elevates the position of people with disabilities by integrating them into a community;
  • Caring for someone who will bring a new dimension to their home and family life;
  • Receiving a generous annual stipend plus room and board expenses’

How Does Shared Living Work and How Do I Find the Right Match?

At Spurwink, we provide excellent support to consumers and our shared living providers.  There is an extensive matching process between you (the shared living provider) and the consumer that is designed to foster placement stability.  We take into account things like gender, age range, rural versus city lifestyle choice, pets as an option, medical and behavioral needs, whether you are working or stay-at-home circumstances, accessibility requirements, and individual preferences.  As a shared living provider you receive extensive training and have regular access to ongoing continuing education. Additionally, Spurwink helps shared living providers build a system of respite supports that allow you to get the time off you need

If you are interested in sharing your home and helping an adult with a developmental disability or autism create a meaningful and connected life, we want to hear from you.  Contact us