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Meet Melissa, Program Coordinator for Spurwink ALLTECH

By September 27, 2021Blog

Meet Melissa Bliss, Program Coordinator for Spurwink ALLTECH. She has been with the ALLTECH program coming up on a year, and when she’s not helping with adaptive needs in the community, you can find her breaking down pallets for projects or active with outdoor activities.

When I’m not volunteering at Spurwink, I’m:  Busting pallets for wood working projects

Spurwink program that I connect with most deeply:  All programs are important and appreciated. At ALLTECH we focus on communication, learning, functional independence, and mobility.

Why behavioral health matters to me: Healthy individuals translates into a healthy society.

My favorite way to de-stress:  Physical activity in the great outdoors works every time!

Words to live by: “My mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on.” -Forrest Gump

Most interesting thing I’ve read or watched recently:  “Mohammed Ali” documentary

The music I jam to alone in the car is:  Jimi Hendrix

Favorite ice cream: Phish Food (Ben and Jerry’s)

Recent Netflix (or other service) obsession: “Anne with an E”

Sweet or salty?:  Salty sweets

Mountains or beach?Mountains that overlook the ocean!

ALLTECH serves individuals with cognitive, communication, motor, learning, and vision challenges, and strives to provide high quality services to meet the unique needs of each individual they interact with. Many of the services can be delivered in-person or virtually. ALLTECH is also pleased to offer an equipment and technology loaner program with the support of Maine CITE. Want to learn more about the Spurwink ALLTECH program? Visit