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JP’s Story

By November 28, 2022Blog

For many children and families, Spurwink joins their journey and remains an integral partner on their path for years. JP, a Spurwink student, is one of those individuals. JP came to Spurwink Day Treatment in the 8th grade due to behavioral health challenges that were beyond the public school’s ability to manage.

Over time with Spurwink, JP began to thrive in our therapeutic environment. JP learned to rely on warm, caring relationships with well-trained staff, and he benefited greatly from Spurwink’s flexibility to individualize plans and programming to his unique needs.

Now 16 years old, JP is a model student who earns excellent grades and regularly offers compassionate support to his peers. About to start his first part-time job, JP is proud to share his story of how he has overcome so many childhood challenges to get where he is today.

JP’s story is a powerful example of how investments early on lead to an exponential impact in the future, for individuals and the community as a whole.